Wired Remote Controller Wired Remote Controller Wired Remote Controller


Model name : UTY-RVRG



A remote controller that provides the functions you need in a sleek design that uniquely transforms itself to blend with any interior.

When not in use, it’s a part of the interior design.

When in use, it’s a simple, intuitive remote controller.

Only during times of operation is display information visible. The rest of the time, KAGAMI subtly appears as a mirror on your wall.

Harmonizes with the Installation Space

When not in use, the controller is a part of the interior decor.

This is achieved by using mirrors, glass, and clear panels, and it appears to be one with the wall.

The sleek and stylish design won the 2022 Good Design Award and was selected as a finalist for the 2023 IDEA award.

Easy Operation

Intuitive Operation

  • One screen per operation
  • UI: Swipe up/down, left/right Up/down: Adjust the setting (e.g., temperature) up or down Left/right: Scroll through the settings
  • Minimal screen transitions

Customer Comfort

Status LED lamp colors

When not in use, the operation mode is indicated through LED lamp colors shown under the controller.

The LED lamp can be switched ON and OFF to avoid glare at night.

Blue: Cooling

Red: Heating

Green: Dry

Purple: Auto

Adopted Color LCD

New Functions for Hotels

Logo Display

The controller can display hotel logos. Images are sent via Bluetooth connection where data is saved in the flash memory built into each controller.

Logo Display Image

Limited Visibility of Settings

The controller can disable the display of specific settings on the screen so that hotel guests cannot change system settings.

Settings to be hidden can be selected from AIRSTAGE Remo set.

Settings can also be adjusted manually on the remote controller as usual.


Setting App for Wired Remote Controller (For iOS and Android Devices)

AIRSTAGE Remo Set (Free)

It is an application for technicians to set up the controller via smartphone.

The initial controller settings and indoor unit function settings can be sent from a smartphone by pairing with the controller via Bluetooth, significantly reducing installation time.

Only UTY-RVRU remote control can be connected with this application currently.
Main screen

Main screen

Setting screen

Setting screen

For iOS

For Android

Initial Setting

Setting values entered and saved in the app can be sent to the controller.

It also can read the setting values of a paired controller, and send a copy of them to one or more additional controllers, simplifying the setup of multiple zones.

Settings can also be adjusted manually on the remote controllers as usual.

Method 1

Method 1

Send the setting values entered by the smartphone to the remote controller*2

Method 2

Method 2

Read the setting values of a different remote controller and send a copy of them*2

Step1: Read setting values on the remote controller

Step2: Copy the setting values to a different remote controller

BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy
Smartphone: Wired Remote Controller = 1 : 1

Support Functions

Display Contractor Contact Information

The remote controllers can retain and display HVAC contractor contact information. Contact information can be sent from the smartphone app to the remote controllers via BLE*.

BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy

Refrigerant Cycle Monitor

Wired Remote Controller (Touch Panel) will support the display of certain sensor values for maintenance and service support.

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