VRF Systems J-IVS Series


Common features

Series Features

  • Intelligent refrigerant control
  • External static pressure
  • Advanced high-efficiency technology
  • Easy to carry, easy to install
  • Small, lightweight outdoor unit
  • Low noise design
  • Long pipe length
  • Up to 13 indoor units* can be connected
  • Non-stop oil recovery operation
  • Easier Installation

Outdoor unit lineup




Intelligent refrigerant control

Fujitsu General is proposing outdoor units equipped with refrigerant control function.

The refrigerant control operates with suitable control corresponding to the heat load of the room and offers a more comfortable environment. The refrigerant control can also provide increased energy savings.

Current model (J-IIS): The outdoor unit supplies constant capacity regardless of the demand of the indoor unit. New model (J-IVS): The outdoor unit provides sufficient capacity to meet the demands of the indoor unit.
The improvements due to the control and the actual sine wave vary depending on the combination of the indoor unit and system operating conditions.

External static pressure

External static pressure measures up to 25 Pa for 4/5/6 HP models.

Advanced high-efficiency technology

1. Large propeller fan

A large propeller fan with an optimized blade angle achieves both high performance and low noise operation.

2. DC fan motor

A small, multi-stage DC fan motor provides high-efficiency and low noise operation.

3. Large heat exchanger

The large 3-row heat exchanger substantially improves heat-exchanging performance.

* High heat-transfer copper tube (Improved lead angle)

4. DC inverter control

The active filter module improves efficiency.

5. Compact and high-performance DC twin-rotary compressor

High-efficiency is achieved across compressor loads. Especially good performance is achieved in the low- to medium-load range.

Low noise rubber, High-efficiency compressor motor, Optimized refrigerant flow design, Highly accurate parts

Easy to carry, easy to install

Current model / 6 HP class

Height: 1334 mm, Weight: 119 kg

New model (J-IVS) / 6 HP class

Height: 998 mm, Weight: 88 kg

Small, lightweight outdoor unit

The outdoor units in this series are much more compact than conventional outdoor units of comparable capacity.They can be installed on a balcony, fitting below the height of the railing. With a height of less than 1 m, they can be installed in tight spaces such as under windows.

Low noise design

Significantly low noise levels are achieved by the use of a DC twin-rotary compressor, inverter technology, and an advanced airflow structure design.

Long piping length

Our advanced refrigerant control technology extends the maximum allowable length of refrigerant piping to 80 m. This provides greater flexibility in system design.

Up to 13 indoor units* can be connected

The combination of smaller but sufficiently powerful indoor units and a new outdoor unit with an optimized heat exchanging structure makes it possible to connect up to 13 indoor units, which is the best in its class.

* 6 HP model

Non-stop oil recovery operation

A comfortable room condition is maintained during oil recovery mode because the product continues to operate without stopping the cooling or heating operation.

Easier Installation

Connection check function: Wiring connections and address settings can be checked thanks to the quick check run function.

  • Displays the number of each connected indoor unit.
  • Displays the duplicate address number assigned to an indoor unit.