VRF Systems J-IIIL Series

System overview

Compact outdoor unit

The compact outdoor unit is designed to operate quietly and can be installed in a regulated environment or in tight spaces such as in an equipment room or on the rooftop.

Small-room application

The optimum heat exchanger structure allows up to 30 indoor units to be connected to an outdoor unit. Ideal for use in a building with many small rooms.

Quiet operation

The outdoor unit achieves best-in-class low-noise operation. It can be installed without erecting an acoustic barrier around it.



Compact design

The outdoor units in this series are much more compact than conventional outdoor units with comparable capacity. They can be installed in places out of public sight or on the roof.

Advanced technologies for high efficiency

Large propeller fan

A large-diameter propeller fan with our proprietary blade design reduces draft loss, which results in highly efficient, low noise operation.

DC fan motor

A small, multi-stage DC fan motor contributes to highly efficient, low noise operation.

Large heat exchanger

The use of a large 2-row heat exchanger substantially improves heat-exchanging performance.

DC inverter control

The use of a new active filter module improves efficiency.

Subcooling heat exchanger

The use of a dual-tube heat exchanger improves cooling performance.

Scroll compressor

The combination of a scroll compressor with a wide rotational frequency range from 15 to 120 rps and our proprietary sensorless sine-wave control that smoothly controls the input power into the motor achieves more energy-efficient and quieter operation.

Long piping length

Our advanced refrigerant control technology extends the maximum allowable length of refrigerant piping to 400 m. This provides greater flexibility in system design.

Up to 30 indoor units can be connected

The combination of smaller but sufficiently powerful indoor units and a new outdoor unit with an optimized heat exchanging structure makes it possible to connect up to 30 indoor units, which is best in its class. The maximum allowable piping length extends to 400 m to accommodate various room layouts.

Only when new indoor units and the outdoor unit of the J-IIIL Series are connected

High static pressure

External static pressure measures up to 30 Pa (only on the 12-HP model).

Best-in-class low-noise operation

The outdoor units in this series are designed to operate extremely quietly. They are an ideal choice for installation in densely populated areas.